Liu Han-jie, founder of Chun Shui Tang Culture Tea House, became a legend in the teahouse world after he invented bubble tea and pearl milk tea. After many years developing the tea-beverage market, Liu still remember the small teapot his father ceremoniously gave him when he was 20. That teapot has become the idea seed for the Qiu Shan Tang Boutique Teahouse, a place dedicated to the culture of teapots and fine brewing.

A below-ground green walkway at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts leads to Qiu Shan Tang Boutique Teahouse, which is hidden behind a bamboo barrier. The artistic ambiance of the place is reflected in the teahouse’s ikenobo and floral arrangements in other styles, Chinese pond, paintings, photography works, paper-cut window decorations, artistic tables and chairs, antique teapots and exquisite tea wares, and other works of art. The aesthetic atmosphere is inspiring.

Qiu Shan Tang offers choice seasonal teas from the six major tea-producing regions in Taiwan, some delicate, some strong in flavor. The most representative beverages are “Dong Ding 75” and “Qiu Shan 12.” “We reserve 100 kg of leaf every year for our aged-tea collection,” says manager Lin Mei-jun.

The “75” in Dong Ding 75 indicates that the leaf was produced in year 75 of the Republic of China (1986). Qiu Shan 12 contains specially selected high-mountain leaf storaged more than 12 years from the spring and winter harvests. The flavor of processed tea leaves grows after years of storage, bringing a more rounded and robust aroma, with a hint of fruitiness.

The Chinese tea culture has a long and storied history, in which the Song Dynasty is a high point. Tea tasting became a symbol of elegance for the literati of the time. The four artistic pastimes of the Song literati, floral art, paintings, tea drinking, and incense burning, are recreated in Qiu Shan Tang, where art becomes one with tea culture.

It takes only a few moments to prepare a pot of tea, but Qiu Shan Tang encourages its customers to take their time and savor the beauty of the tea culture the teahouse seeks to promote, allowing their minds to drift in this tranquil, comfortable and elegant place. Savor the moment and experience “a taste of the world” through a pot of tea.

Qiu Shan Tang Boutique Teahouse
Hours11:00 - 22:00
Paymentcredit card accepted
Address403 B1F., No.2, Sec. 1, Wuquan W. Rd., West Dist., Taichung City
TrafficTake bus no. 75 from Taichung Railway Station to “Art Museum Wuquan W. Rd.” stop.

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